Career Vitality Services is a Calgary based organization that offers personalized career counselling, career coaching, retirement transition coaching services as well a a variety of high quality career and retirement workshops and seminars for both individuals and organizations.

Career Counselling and Career Coaching

Are you in Calgary and planning to make a career change? If so, you might want to consider working with a career coach. Career counselling and career coaching can help you discover your passion and create a career plan for achieving your career goals while also providing you with the support and encouragement you need to realise a successful career transition.

Retirement Transition   

Retirement transition is one of the most highly anticipated but under planned transitions in our lives. Retirement Coaching in Calgary with a Certified Retirement Coach at Career Vitality Services can guide you through this additional life stage. Most individuals have planned for the financial side of retirement but have yet to examine aspects of lifestyle, change and transition this phase of life may bring.

Our goal is to provide individuals with the most accurate, personalized and comprehensive retirement transition planning information possible and help you identify and explore the factors necessary to develop your own personal retirement transition plan. 

Career and Retirement Workshops and Seminars

Career Vitality Services offer a wide variety of leading edge and insightful career and retirement workshops and seminars in Calgary for both individuals and organizations. We integrate our knowledge, professional experience, and current research to provide a learning experience that will enhance your skills and encourage you to effectively embrace and celebrate a successful transition.


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